About Us

Welcome to RENUATUM SKINCARE by Maha Vidya Ayurveda

We are a small family run company specializing in handmade Island Fresh Natural Products inspired by our love of the elements. Time tested for over 20 years. Turn your skincare regimen into a ritual with Renuatum.

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Certified Herbalist we love plant medicine and bringing you the highest quality healing products our island has to offer. We hope you enjoy!

22 years ago we started a skin and haircare company out of a garage on the island of Oahu, Hawaii selling products on the beach and local markets. Shortly after the family moved from Oahu all the way to the Caribbean island of St Croix where Renuatum blossomed from a skincare line into first an herb shop until it settled as Renuatum Spa and Wellness Center a hub for health, natural products, food and education. After leaving St Croix, Renuatum took a pause. Now settling into our home in Puerto Rico and establishing our own garden with the fresh flowers and ingredients its back!

The name RE-NU-ATUM is inspired by our love of the elements and the foundations of healing in Ayurveda. Renuatum was an alchemist working with Cleopatra. Inspired by the cosmos he created the first concept of cosmetology bringing alchemy to life in beauty and skincare. Re means the sun, nu the water and atum the earth. In honor of the nature itself we present to you this beautiful line of skin, hair and body care. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!