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Sandal Rose Face Powder

Sandal Rose Face Powder

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Introducing our Sandal Rose Face Powder, an ultra-light exfoliant perfect for all skin types. Rich in Vitamin C and infused with soothing, calming, and cooling herbs. This product is your ideal choice for gentle exfoliation. It's also excellent as a face pack and as a moisture-wicking powder during periods of high humidity, all while offering the divine scents of the goddess.

Key Features:

  • Gentle & Effective Exfoliation: Ideal for all skin types, offering a soft, gentle exfoliating experience.
  • Rich in Vitamin C: Packed with nutrients, especially Vitamin C, for healthy, glowing skin.
  • Soothing Herbal Blend: Formulated with calming and cooling herbs, perfect for soothing the skin.

Size: 2oz

Recommended Use: Mix a pea-sized amount with water, Aloe and Herb Toner, or rosewater to create a paste. Gently massage into skin and leave on for a few moments before washing off. It can also be used as a cooling, moisture-wicking powder in warm weather. Follow with Rosehips and Collagen for best results.

Natural Ingredients: We make our Sandal Rose Face Powder with Chandan Sandalwood, Red Sandalwood, Rose Petals, and Amalaki, selecting each component for their skin-enhancing properties.

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